Dental Implants


At Lisburn Road Dental and Implant Clinic we take pride in our ability to provide our patients with dental implants in Belfast within a proper sterile environment and through our constant approach to education and learning to deliver stable and predictable aesthetic restorations of your teeth.

What is a Dental Implant?


dental-implants-afterImplants are a permanent natural replacement for missing teeth or dentures. A dental implant is an  artificial root made of titanium  that is placed surgically in the jaw bone.

This dental implant can be used to help anchor a false tooth or teeth by way of a crown or bridge. Implants can be used to replace a single tooth which has been lost as a result of trauma, or even replace the teeth in the entire arch, even if the teeth have been missing for many years. Implants can look, feel and be as robust as your natural teeth.


“They will strengthen your confidence in all areas of life and allow you the pleasure to enjoy food in the way that ill-fitting dentures or crowns cannot.”


Will it be painful?

Most patients feel very little discomfort during the procedure. Anaesthesia is used and great care is taken to place the implants as gently as possible.


How long will it take?

Time will vary depending on the amount of treatment needed. Most treatments only take a few months, although to obtain optimal results, in some cases it may take longer.


Will I ever be without teeth?

This depends on your situation. Most patients leave the surgery wearing some sort of prosthesis.


Implant system

We use one of the world’s most popular implant systems with excellent clinical research and 30 years of data.


Advantages of dental implant treatments

Mature Couple After Dental Implants
  • No bone loss, creating a beautiful appearance
  • No damage caused to healthy adjacent teeth
  • Improves ability to eat a wide variety of food
  • Easily maintained – just like natural teeth
  • Long lasting treatment
  • Potential cost savings