Referral Options

We are able to offer referring dentists various levels of assistance.

Level 1: Opinion only

Level 2: Augmentation procedures only
Patient referred for hard/soft tissues procedures prior to implant treatment by referring dentist.

Level 3: Surgical referral
Implant placement/and possible augmentation procedures, referring dentist to carry out restorative phase

Level 4: Full case referral
The patient is referred for all planning, surgical and restorative aspects of treatment.

Level 5: Mentoring Service.
Mr Finnegan can provide mentoring to the referring Dentist in two ways:

A) The Patient can be treated at our clinic by the referring dentist and all fees payable to Lisburn Road Dental and Implant Clinic.

B) Mr Finnegan can mentor the referring dentist in his own practice, an hourly fee will be charged (£275 per hr) with the practioner recieving the fees for implants and restorations.

Level 6: Implants placed in your practice.
Your patient is treated in your surgery where there is an association with yourself and your staff. All surgical equipment, materials, surgical drapes will be supplied, all that is required is a suitable surgery and a back up nurse. Fees for surgery paid to Lisburn Road Dental and Implant Clinic and prosthetic phase and fees.

We are happy to offer advice to dentists who wish to become involved in restoring straight forward cases and to establish implant dentistry as an option for their practice.  Various implant systems are being used in the practice, such as 3i, Straumann and Ankylos.

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